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    Halaman Berita


    [ 12/02/2009, 10:26 WIB ]


          NGRAMPAL - Boy Scout Party of Kwartir 11-14 of Sragen took place in school yard of SMP (Junior High School) 2, on Tuesday (10 / 2). As many as 400 boys and girls scout from 20 district participated in the ‘adroitness and skill’ annual contest. This party was opened by the member of Sragen Mabicab, Mrs. Suparmi Wiyono.

             In this occasion, Mrs. Suparmi said to all Boy scouts to study hard for pursuing knowledge. As an upcoming leader candidate, they have to be prepared at this very moment. “Don\\\'t watch TV while studying”, Mrs. Suparmi noticed. This electronic box would bother their concentration if it was turned on in studying time. As the result, they could not fully comprehend the material that might affect their achievement at school.

           Furthermore, Mrs. Suparmi also noticed to the little Boy scouts for managing their time to pursue knowledge as the next meaningful generation for the homeland.

           The Scout Party was cheered up by marching band attraction of SD (The Elementary School) Pilangsari II and also Jaranan Dancing performance from SD Ngarum I pupils. The releasing of balloon by Mrs. Suparmi marked the opening series of adroitness and skill competition.

           As previously reported, Boy Scout Party of Kwarcab represented the gradual competition event. The participant was the champion in district level. Each district sent the best candidate of one “Boys Barung” and one “Girls Barung”. The regency champion will become the Sragen ambasador to compete in Kwarda level or Province level. Then, the winner of Kwarda will struggle in National Kwartir. (mnr/and)



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