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    Halaman Berita


    [ 15/08/2011, 09:25 WIB ]
    The Vice Regent of Sragen Regency officially announced ATM of JATENG BANK in Sragen Local government secretariat circle


           SRAGEN  - The Vice Regent of Sragen Regency, H.Daryanto officially announced facility from Jateng Bank, is ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) in Sragen local government secretariat circle(12/8). The official announcement was signed by cutting ribbon performed by the Vice Regent of Sragen regency, and witnessed by many high officials in Sragen local government circle and staffs of Jateng Bank. Having announced, the Vice Regent tried operating the machine which was being announced by performing a cash withdrawal.

            “ I welcome with open arms for this existence of the machine in Sragen local government secretariat circle” the Vice Regent said. By this existence of the ATM machine in Sragen local government secretariat circle, it accelerates and facilitates Sragen society and mainly for civil servants to perform a banking transaction. Thus, they do not have to come the  Jateng Bank, but just use this machine.
           The existence of this machine is very strategic because located in Sragen local government secretariat circle. Besides, it is in a secure environment remembering located in beside of Police Unity office standing by during 24 hours.

           The Chief of Jateng Bank branch of Sragen, Edy Rinanto said the existence of this machine aims to facilitate and optimize service for the society. Besides, to prepare Electrical Card for Civil Servants, is ATM of Jateng Bank. The machine facilitates customers in the banking  transaction process. It is caused in this machine can perform many kind of banking services, such as cash withdrawal , balance checking, fund transferring, and a claim payment.

           The existence of this machine is supposed to increase, facilitate, accelerate the  service in Jateng Bank. As the plan, Jateng Bank also has planning to build three machines  spread in Sragen regency. Three locations are in Gemolong, Cash Office of Bunder Market Sragen, and Masaran market. (Sent by dyn, translated by dyah__humas)




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